The SDLC is open to any organization that is:

  • Already implementing at least some of the Agile leadership and management practices
  • Is interested in learning more
  • Is willing to accept the obligations of the memorandum of understanding and code of ethics of the SDLC
  • Is willing to pay the membership fee (currently $10,000 per annum).

The submission period for membership in 2018 is now open.  Potential members will be interviewed by an SDLC board member whom will act as their sponsor.

Due to the sensitive nature of site visits, all current member organizations have to approve new member candidates to avoid conflicts of interests or Non-Disclosure violations.

As a final step in the process, candidates will be invited to participate in an SDLC event prior to joining to ensure it is a good match for both parties prior to making a full commitment.

Contact us by email!

Organizations that wish to join the Learning Consortium are invited to apply by completing the form below.