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Ten Agile Axioms That Make Managers Anxious July 3, 2018 - SDLC Board Member Steve Denning and regular contributor to Forbes magazine published the following article based on many of the learnings from the SDLC.
Insights: Jonathan Smart February 26, 2018 - SDLC Board Member Jonathan Smart from Barclays was interviewed about his role in changing how work is done at Barclays. The following article was published on Jan 04, 2018. Jonathan has discussed and refined these topics as part of the … Continue reading
What Is Strategic Agility? January 29, 2018 - SDLC Board Member Steve Denning wrote the following article for Forbes on Jan 28, 2018. The topic was discussed heavily in the SDLC 2017 annual wrap-up held two weeks prior in Boston and much of the content is a result … Continue reading
Cerner and the SDLC January 26, 2018 - SDLC Member Matt Anderson posted the following blog on the Cerner Engineering Health web site on Jan 23, 2018. The topic came as a request from Cerner’s culture team to describe how Cerner became involved with the SDLC.
Riot’s Agile Team Leadership Model: A Story of Challenging Convention December 15, 2017 - SDLC Board Member Ahmed Sidky posted the following blog on Riot Games web site on Nov 30, 2017. This topic has been discussed in detail at several on-site visits to Riot Games by the SDLC A key success factor in … Continue reading
What is Agile? The Four Essential Elements October 30, 2017 - SDLC Board Member Steve Denning had the following article published in Forbes on Oct 15, 2017. Last week, I found myself in a lively conversation with some colleagues about the true meaning of Agile management and how to communicate it. … Continue reading
Barclays Receives Several UK DevOps Awards October 30, 2017 - The DevOps Industry Awards were announced on Oct 18, 2017. Barclays was awarded Best DevOps Automation Project, Most Successful Cultural Transformation, and Most Successful Cultural Innovation.
How Barclays Balances Speed vs. Control in DevOps August 30, 2017 - SDLC Board Member Jonathan Smart from Barclays Bank had the following article published in TechBeacon in June 2017. The ability to get customer feedback early and often—and act on it—is what enables organizations to be competitive. But speed alone is … Continue reading
Agile 2017 Summary August 30, 2017 - Agile Alliance annual North American conference dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. AGILE2017 brought together renowned Agile innovators, gurus and authors, thought leaders, and expert practitioners from all corners of the … Continue reading
Why Learning Consortia Work July 30, 2017 - Steve Denning wrote this article on December 23, 2015: Do learning consortia work? That’s question I frequently get in discussions of the Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy. I generally respond by drawing on the experience of other learning consortia, including … Continue reading