Our main activities

The SD Learning Consortium members are firm believers that Agile is a state of mind. As such, we leverage Lean and Agile principles in all activities that the SDLC undertakes. Those principles are simply part of who we are.

  1. We believe the best place to learn is where the work is actually being done. We take several trips to member organization locations to see Agile in action and learn directly from those doing the work in the context of their specialty (e.g. HR) and market (e.g. Financial Services).
  2. We believe that principles are more important than strict adherence to frameworks and pragmatic application requires a deeper understanding of the problem space. We take topics of interest to the group and leverage Agile techniques to generate best practice solutions through “deep dives” during our site visits. Learnings are prepared and shared as part of the SDLC mission.
  3. We believe that those doing the work are best placed to solve the problems in their space. When a deep dive topic has generated sufficient interest, separate focus groups are created specific to that topic. Participants self-select to be engaged and the group remains in place as long as they feel they are deriving and/or providing value. Examples include DevOps and Agile HR.
  4. We believe that having seen success at our enterprises, we have an obligation to share the story to help others see the opportunities. We are a non-profit organization and do not provide consultant services. We are happy to share our stories and connect you with others. We regularly speak at conferences, produce blog posts/white papers and field phone calls. If you want to come to work for one of our high performing companies and experience business agility every day, we are very happy to get you connected to an appropriate recruiter.
  5. We believe that there is always more to learn and seek out others who feel the same. While the SDLC is a relatively small group of companies, we encourage interested companies, with their own Business Agility success stories that they can share publicly, to investigate membership in the SDLC. We learn from one another and solving problems in the unique scenarios and circumstances we face. At the same time, the experiences of others can help us find new, innovative ways to overcome our own roadblocks. Every member of the SDLC has been able to learn something from another member at each site visit and take it back to improve something at their company.