Intellectual property

All contributions to the SDLC remain the intellectual property of the contributors, while any public report produced by the LC enters the Creative Commons.

Thus all confidential information, including plans, data and know-how relating to the design, development, implementation, branding, or marketing of products and services, including research, products, software, services, inventions, processes, financial results and projections, designs, drawings, customer lists, demographic studies, and marketing data, whether supplied orally or in writing, furnished to any of parties discussed herein shall remain the property of the supplying party and nothing contained herein shall be construed as giving the receiving party any license or rights with respect to any confidential information or materials which may be disclosed by the supplying party. Except to the extent that such confidential information is to be used to further the objectives of the Consortium, including sharing such information with other Members, and SDLC, for publication of the Report, or for presentation of the Consortium’s findings at the end-of-year conference, all parties agree that they will maintain in strict confidence and secrecy all confidential information furnished by another party.

All rights, title, and interests in and to any work product created by a Member or Steve Denning and shared in the online discussion space will remain the property of the sharing party. To the extent that such work product is agreed by the sharing party to be published or distributed in the Report or at the end-of-year conference, the sharing party hereby provides SDLC a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual license to publish or distribute such work product in connection with the Consortium. The content of the output produced as the result of the Learning Consortium will be licensed under the creative commons license which authorizes the free distribution and use of content, as long as attribution is included and the content is not changed or used for monetary purposes without explicit permission to do so.